OpenSource Scientific Plotting Packages

I've collected a table of existing open source plotting packages I've found, with emphasis on 3d plotting and plotting libraries. Most of these libraries are hosted on SourceForge. I've only put programs that I was able to compile and run on my system.
Package URL Platform Features Language(s) Notes
Linux Un*x Windows OS X 3d library
gnuplot yesyesyes?yesyes? ? a long-standing open-source plotting package. it is used as the plotter for octave
PLplot C, Xsimple and fast
MayaVi yes?yes?yesno? VTKvery pretty plus lots of capabilities. can't be used as a library [?]
MeTa->phi yes?no?yes yes?openGL, SDLvery pretty and seemingly fast
g2 graphical library yesyesyesno? noyesC2d plotting library
xplot yesyesyes?yes?openGL buggy behavior on first investigation. no 2d?
GLPlot yesnononoyes?yes multiple Many dependencies...wouldn't compile on my system! Gnome based